Tuesday, March 4, 2014

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1.)  Over 740 tickets already sold!!
Another piece of AWESOME news just trickled down to us in the Rent cast; the pre-sales for our run are insane. That's so crazy. Crazy good!! Again, thank you ST. Louis!! Friday the 7th, opening night, is totally sold out. Saturday the 8th, has about 5 tickets left. Preview, on Thursday the 6th, has a fair amount of open seats, so come on down!!

2.) Tech week has begun...which of course means that we are all terribly busy and have no lives. That's alright, Spring Break is right around the corner!

3.) Last night we did our first full run of Rent with all the trimmings: the band, costumes, lights, sound, props...etc. It went well. A few line blips here and there, a few songs sounded a wee bit funky, a few sound FX were missing, but no real casualties. That's comforting. It feels good to be in the last stages of rehearsal, and to actually be in the last stages of production, haha. We are back at it again tonight and Wednesday.

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