Tuesday, March 11, 2014

One Down...

The first weekend of Rent, three performances, has come and gone. I thought that I would be nervous for opening night, but I wasn't, not at all. It's hard to be nervous for opening night, when our preview went so well, and was so well attended. We had over 100 people there on Thursday, including a reviewer. That's not a preview-that's opening. Our real opening night, Friday, was therefore in the bag. 

All three performances went well, and each was stronger than the former. I felt really good about our performances and their reception by the audiences. It was very interesting to see how some people reacted to the different moments, especially when we were directed to interact with...or to get very close to them. As to be expected, some people really liked it, and some people where somewhat offended or put off. All in all, I think the audiences enjoyed us. Three or four reviews have come out this week, all of them glowing. That, too, is nice.

Having a four day break in between performance weeks is a blessing. We all need time to recharge, to rest, to sleep in, and to have lives outside of the theater. Personally, I just enjoy having time that isn't borrowed, ya know? I always feel hurried throughout the day when I have a performance at night. That's not a bad feeling at all, just one of fewer hours in the day to be myself, before I get to go be other people :-) 

We are back at it again, starting this Thursday night (March 13th-15th). We have performances on Friday and Saturday too, all at 8:00pm. I've not heard that any of these nights are sold out...yet, so please come and see what all the fuss is about! We'd love to see you there, truly. What we do is void of purpose, if we don't share it with you! Come...give us purpose, and share in our work, our love, our joy..our sweat, haha. 

Several of the Rent cast have been in productions of  Les Miserables, so this picture makes me laugh.

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