Thursday, January 16, 2014

Leave a message...

Rent Rehearsals are in full swing and moving at the speed of light. Because I don't know the music as well as most, and some songs not at all, I am doing my homework and trying to learn what I can in advance. This Sunday we are rehearsing the voice mails and some pretty big songs. I am playing Alexi Darling and she has some pretty well known VMs. I have listened to about 15 different recordings of them today. Too funny. They, unless I am just not getting it, are not supposed to sound good so much as annoying and somewhat taxing to the ear. Somewhat of a stress reliever, and a good time to have fun!PLAY!!!! yeah!  I am also playing Roger's mom. So...I will learn that one too...before I have to rehearse it, lol.

Hey, also...a few of us from the show are blogging. 
Check them out:

or look to your right :-) 

Monday, January 13, 2014

One Down...

After three, annoying, cancellations due to St. Louis Snowpocalypse, we finally had our first rehearsal for Rent last night. It was good. We sound good. Like good. I, as was to be expected, was nervous...but really once we got going it was fine. One of the most reassuring, if not intimidating, parts of the whole evening was how well most of the cast already knows the material. I am learning as I go; but a handful of the cast, not counting the folks who have already done this show, seem to know it by heart...freaks. haha, just, but really...I'm only half intimidated now. 

Observations from last night:
 1.) There are no two alike in this production! You need only look at the bevvy of hair and clothing styles to see that...and wait until we speak and sing, haha. Talented weirdos of every variety. it's nice.

2.) The production team, maybe even more so than the cast, is super excited to be staging Rent. This artistic team is going to make us look and sound gggooooooodddd! Thanks! 

3.) All the companies who own rights to musicals and books need to get their shit together. I have NEVER worked on a show where the book and the music matched up 100% Why is this? Isn't that their job? Don't they charge a butt load of cash for the rights to perform their property? Well, then buckle down, put on your big gal panties, and fix it! Makes me crazy.

4.) Found out there is an orgy of sorts in this musical...Contact. I didn't know that. OK then...3-2-1 have fake sex on a 12 ft moon. haha. OK.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

It didn't snow enough last night: an at work, and in the dark rant...

The tittle really does sum this whole thing up. Im sitting with 7 other Theatre teachers, in a tiny little room, in the dark. We all got done early, but have to stay here until 3....tick toc tick toc...tick toc! 

Tick toc...But, this dark and all this waiting got me thinking....what would it be like to live somewhere with no real heat or electricity? What would it be like to be basically homeless and squatting in a huge loft, with no prospects for money or amusement? Could I survive the sickness and the cold and the hunger and the loneliness? Why do people like this musical? The premise sounds AWFUL!!!! It sounds nothing like what a catchy rock opera, with attractive folks and 5 part harmonies should. I know that the bleakness isn't the point; the relationships-the fighting-the energy-the love-the SURVIVAL is where the heart is. I guess I'll find out in 3 days.