Thursday, January 16, 2014

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Rent Rehearsals are in full swing and moving at the speed of light. Because I don't know the music as well as most, and some songs not at all, I am doing my homework and trying to learn what I can in advance. This Sunday we are rehearsing the voice mails and some pretty big songs. I am playing Alexi Darling and she has some pretty well known VMs. I have listened to about 15 different recordings of them today. Too funny. They, unless I am just not getting it, are not supposed to sound good so much as annoying and somewhat taxing to the ear. Somewhat of a stress reliever, and a good time to have fun!PLAY!!!! yeah!  I am also playing Roger's mom. So...I will learn that one too...before I have to rehearse it, lol.

Hey, also...a few of us from the show are blogging. 
Check them out:

or look to your right :-) 

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