Tuesday, December 31, 2013

In the beginning...

Cohesive, this will not be.

A lot of my friends call me a "Theatre Cheerleader." I accept this because I try my best to support and promote STL theatre, when I can. Theatre; it's what I do, it's what my friends do, it's (WARNING - CHEESY) what pays my RENT. I feel compelled to reinforce the idea that we CAN and DO produce good theatre here in St. Louis!! Like any other theatre town...we also produce our own ass-load of shit, but...I don't promote those productions, if avoidable. 

Um, okay-confession: Unlike 95% of theatre folk, I have not heard all the music from Rent. I have not seen the movie version of Rent. I have not seen a live stage production of Rent. Aside from what EVERYONE else knows...I do not know this musical all that well. I am not one of the masses, on this one. I have never felt an overwhelming urge to see it, listen to it, or act in it. However, I heard/saw the film version of "Santa Fe," and that has stuck with me. I love that fucking song, hard. I don't know why. I really don't know what it refers backs too or connects with. I don't know why this devastatingly hot, caramel, man is singing about a desert city, while swirling around in a subway car. No clue. Don't care. Love that song. Is it wrong to admit, that other than some serious prodding from the Bull (BF), that is one of the major factors in me auditioning for Rent? Too bad, it was. That song moved me, somehow, and I wanted to be part of it. Now I get to be. The end. Boom!

On a different note, and confession #2: as would be expected, most of the cast of Rent has been very vocal at how excited they are to begin. Not me. I am horrified. No, really. I hate week one of rehearsals. Give me an audition, a call back, give me a performance...any day. Those first few days, you know-when I don't know shit and everyone else is all amazingly perfect and off book and fine...I'm a hot mess. A hot ass, not confident, not vocal, not in my own skin, mess. But....that fades, quickly. The first two or three days I feel out of sorts and displaced and uncomfortable...like an amateur. After that, if history is any indication, I love it and am a happy little camper. Just, ya know, so you all know. 

Lastly, my ass hurts from sitting on the floor so I'll make this quick. This is my first show with New Line Theatre. I have seen several productions, but never been a part of the performance. I don't do a lot of musicals...this actually is exciting. ***Also, now Anna can really never ask me to sing Take me or Leave Me, at karaoke ever again! Haha!! Worth it!!