Thursday, January 2, 2014

It didn't snow enough last night: an at work, and in the dark rant...

The tittle really does sum this whole thing up. Im sitting with 7 other Theatre teachers, in a tiny little room, in the dark. We all got done early, but have to stay here until 3....tick toc tick toc...tick toc! 

Tick toc...But, this dark and all this waiting got me thinking....what would it be like to live somewhere with no real heat or electricity? What would it be like to be basically homeless and squatting in a huge loft, with no prospects for money or amusement? Could I survive the sickness and the cold and the hunger and the loneliness? Why do people like this musical? The premise sounds AWFUL!!!! It sounds nothing like what a catchy rock opera, with attractive folks and 5 part harmonies should. I know that the bleakness isn't the point; the relationships-the fighting-the energy-the love-the SURVIVAL is where the heart is. I guess I'll find out in 3 days.

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