Thursday, March 6, 2014

No Day but Today...

...It's finally here. New Line Theatre's production of Rent, previews tonight!!! We are completely SOLD OUT for this Friday and Saturday, and the total ticket pre-sales are well over 800, already. We are ready for this. The final step to any production is the audience. We cannot wait to get asses in seats, and to finally have people to share this story with.

On a slightly different note, I'd like to thank some folks, who don't get applause at the end of each performance. To be clear, theatre is a collaborative beast. Musicals ain't all actin' and singin'! 

 -----> Let's talk TECH, folks. Rob Lippert's set is divine, his lights are uber cool, Marcy Wiegert and Sarah Porter's costumes are original, detailed and hilariously 90's,  Kerrie Mondy is rocking the sound design and mix, our (Starbucks infused) musical director- Justin Smolik, has made us and that band sound goooooooood, and the dynamic trio of Gabe Taylor, Scott Miller and Mike Dowdy are keeping busy...keeping us in check. Pulling a production like this together, one that's insanely famous and riddled with people's opinions of how it should be,  is no small feat. 

Everything leading up to today, our opening, has been part of a process. We have auditioned, been cast, rehearsed, teched, and have done full runs of this show. Now, we are ready to perform this bitch. I've had my own ups and downs with Rent. I had really good/fun days, and really frustrating/bad days. I have been stifled by self-doubt, and proud of myself, too. That's how it works. Here goes...welcome to Rent.

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